Amethyst clusters sitting on top of velvet bags with a small handout explaining how to use them.

Cleanse Your Life With Our Witchy October Collection

Cleanse Your Life With Our Witchy October Collection

October is a great time to get a little more in touch with your spiritual side- Eureka has tons of options to help you do that. 

Stone Clusters- 

Amethyst- Amethyst enhances our intuition and urges us to release what isn't serving us. You can incorporate your Amethyst in tarot readings or during divination.

Quartz- Quartz is a master healer that is extremely cleansing, balancing, and contains ancient knowledge!

Labradorite- Labradorite is a vibrant, rainbow filled stone with magic. Labradorite calls down opportunity and urges us to take chances on these new offerings.


Smudge Kits- 

Nestled in a colorful abalone shell are three useful cleansing botanicals: Mountain Sage, Palo Santo, and Sweetgrass.

Selenite is a stone that purifies, cleanses, and protects a space or body. Since it is a soft stone, it absorbs negative energies. Place your wand underneath your bed for protection while sleeping, on your altar as offering, or in the heart of your home so that the clean and protective energy radiates throughout your humble abode.

Mountain Sage is great for an intensive cleanse of a designated space. It has been used for centuries to purify and cleanse any unwanted energies. Its scent is smoky + herbal. Burning White Sage can also bring protection from negativity.

Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is a wood from Peru that can be burned to cleanse + clear negative energies. Palo Santo's scent is subtle, mildly sweet, and settles in the space nicely. Burn Palo Santo everyday to keep a space clean and clear!

Sweetgrass is used for protection and for attracting positive energies. Its scent is sweet (of course), herbal, and light.


Smudge Bundles- 

Dragon's Blood + Mountain Sage Cleansing Bundle- Mountain Sage wrapped and rolled in Dragon's Blood resin can be burned to protect, heal, and cleanse you and your humble abode. Dragon's Blood specifically helps to heal a broken heart, draw down potent protection, and to increase emotional and spiritual strength. Keep on your altar or in a sacred safe space when not in use.

Dried Lavender and Mountain Sage Bundle- Burn for anger release, stress relief, to soothe anxiety, and to generally let go of the baggage that weighs you down. Great for sleep.

Mountain Sage - wonderful for a intensive cleansing + purification.


Moon Water Jars-

Fill this jar with spring water, rain water, or distilled water. Set it out in the light or dark of the Moon to capture the magic of that Moon phase, amplify and set your intention, and connect with the collective flow.

Use the water to water plants, as an offering on your altar, to add to a ritual bath, or as a pool for a sacred candle to amplify its intention.

Moon Phase meanings:

New Moon: Intention + New Beginnings
First Quarter: Momentum + Action
Full Moon: Celebration + Blessings
Last Quarter: Adjustment + Forgiveness

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